Is "Close Enough" Good Enough?

Two words that you never want to hear come out of the mouths of your employees when representing your brand: “Close enough.”

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Tier One Gets a Brand and Website Makeover

We were excited when Tier One, our longtime public relations partner, came to us looking for a brand refresh and website redesign.

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A logo is the most important visual identity for any organization – it’s your company’s public face. It’s the first impression you make on your customers. Here at Cleveland, we take the time to design beautiful logos that ensure your first impression is the right one.

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The dangers of letting rogue design in

Is there a bastard in your house?

The Urban Dictionary defines 'bastard' as: "something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin."

I can't think of a better word to describe the recent product of an internal campaign for a large corporation.

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Douglas Spencer

Guest Blog: Marrying your customers till death do you part.

This month we welcome guest blogger Douglas Spencer of Spencer Brenneman on the topic of “Marrying your customers till death do you part.”

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What happens when your project doesn’t fit inside the brand box?

What happens when your project doesn’t fit inside the brand box?

We often receive rather interesting requests to develop something out of the ordinary, though, and no matter how unusual or extreme the project, the client's first concern is typically to ensure that we stay on brand.

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2014 Best of Brand Competition

Technology Packs Benefits as a Platform for Brand Building

A corporate acquisition results in a client with a new name, brand, visual identity, and employees all over the globe to bring onboard. How do you keep such a brand alive?

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Bridge the Marketing-Sales Gap

Use Branding to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

It’s rare to find a company whose marcomm department and sales department work together as effectively as they could. As with most relationships, there is plenty of blame to go around—thanks mostly to misunderstandings and an endless string of unmet needs. You’ve heard them all, no doubt:

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Don't check your brand at the door

Don't check your brand at the door.

Branding is often one of the few factors that can distinguish one product or service from another. Companies and organizations spend considerable resources to develop and nurture their brands, but in many cases, it's a face shown only to the outside world.

What a missed opportunity.

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