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Owning the competition

by | May 20, 2013 | Expertise

The Best of Brand Awards. The Community Champion Awards. The Finance Awards. The Award of Excellence. All these (and more) are now familiar names inside Thomson Reuters, thanks to Cleveland Design’s spearheaded initiative to create a unified and sustainable online competition framework.

These annual—and sometimes year-round—competition websites support global collaboration, span multi-month programming schedules, and provide a solid judging and exposition platform for thousands of Thomson Reuters employees.

Internal Communications: Evolved

Today, we are happy to share the latest evolution of this framework with you. In April 2013, the Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility group launched a new community awareness campaign backed by our acclaimed design and development. Part of this campaign was a new online photography competition for the campaign’s “Green Matters” initiative—a website in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)—call the The World in Pictures.

Not only is the World in Pictures website handling up to 500 visits per day, but it has captured the attention of more than 3,500 Thomson Reuters employees who have participated in this green initiative in the month following the launch. When submissions closed in May, the site had collected more than 1,000 photographs from talented employees from every region of the globe.

Featuring an updated and on-brand user interface, the World in Pictures website was also given several unique features that make it the best evolution of our core competition framework to date:

  • A public gallery of submitted content on the homepage and an interactive, real-time gallery
  • Ability for employees to instantly comment on and “like” submitted content
  • An additional level of judging all employees can participate in: the “Employees’ Choice” round
  • Security and speed updates that support a database of more than 1,000 photographic submissions

Bringing your Brand to Life

A top notch employee engagement program like The World in Pictures can help build your brand and strengthen internal brand alignment at your company. If you have been thinking of innovative ways to do this, contact us and we would be happy to discuss creating a great solution for you.

Please note – all photos shown in relation to and shown in this project are copyright their respective owners and are subject to terms appropriate to Thomson Reuters employees and Thomson Reuters privacy policies.