Solutions for Faith-based Marketing

Faith-based marketing is always a challenge given you are marketing to believers, non believers and everyone in between. Plus you are reaching out to a shared ideology and not a specific demographic.

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Talent Recruitment Campaign for Thomson Reuters

For Thomson Reuters, we created a talent recruitment campaign for use worldwide. We developed the theme "Bring your passion" and brought it to life with a design that is vibrant, engaging and (of course) brand compliant, leveraging dynamic Reuters photography.

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Leading in Growth Markets

When Thomson Reuters came to us looking to kick-off their new Global program with something creative and motivational, we jumped at the opportunity.

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Grace Hopper Conference

To support Thomson Reuters’ presence at the 2013 Grace Hopper Conference celebrating women technologists, we saw an opportunity to extend the corporate brand into new territory.

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London Cab Wrap

Thomson Reuters asked us to help them take their global brand to the streets. The design challenge: adapt their brand to a fleet of more than 50 London taxicabs.

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Thomson Reuters 2014 Calgary Stampede Event

Each year, Thomson Reuters invites select customers to a special event during the annual Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. To ensure its success, we created a graphical theme that played up the fun, rawhide character of the Stampede—one of the world's premier rodeo and cowboy celebrations.

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