State Street

Work curated for our State Street presentation 6/2/2016

Thomson Reuters Newsmakers

Thomson Reuters Newsmakers are provocative discussions that engage global thought leaders on the issues impacting our world. We help Thomson Reuters communicate these news-making events through bold HTML email design and production. Below is just a sample of many event emails we've worked on.

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Leading in Growth Markets

When Thomson Reuters came to us looking to kick-off their new Global program with something creative and motivational, we jumped at the opportunity.

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Grace Hopper Conference

To support Thomson Reuters’ presence at the 2013 Grace Hopper Conference celebrating women technologists, we saw an opportunity to extend the corporate brand into new territory.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

How do you make a report on corporate responsibility both informative and inspiring? For Thomson Reuters, we achieved that goal by combining breathtaking Reuters photography with innovative graphics that turn cold data into vibrant visuals that jump off the page.

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Advanced Management At Thomson Reuters

At Thomson Reuters, learning is a journey and all employees are provided a wide range of developmental opportunities. Cleveland helped broadcast that message within Thomson Reuters through a lively multimedia video posted on their company intranet.

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London Cab Wrap

Thomson Reuters asked us to help them take their global brand to the streets. The design challenge: adapt their brand to a fleet of more than 50 London taxicabs.

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Global Talent Campaign

Thomson Reuters turned to us for a fresh, new campaign to help attract the best talent from around the world.

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