Cat Herding

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Nov 12

Cat Herding

by Lynn McNamee

As office manager of a graphic design firm some might say keeping the creative team on track and organized is about as simple as herding cats. Honestly, without the proper tools, that isn’t too far from the truth.

Late in 2010, Cleveland Design began using an online project tracking product created by FunctionFox, and we’ve never looked back. Each employee has an account that is linked to a single database where we track our time, project costs and deadlines. Job contacts, vendor information and job specifics are available to our entire team as well, allowing instant collaboration without hours wasted in meetings on the minutia.

What this means for our clients is the knowledge their projects and accounts are being managed accurately and efficiently. Cleveland Design has a unique/streamline project management structure [your account manager is also your designer] allowing us to solve marketing needs with affordable and timely solutions. We also have a more accurate picture of what it takes to complete specific types of jobs, so our clients can be confident our estimates are on the mark. Our team spends far less time on admin so they may spend more of their day creating fabulous work.

Having the proper tools to support our creative team also means no need for me to keep up on my lassoing skills.