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Grace Hopper conference

To support Thomson Reuters’ presence at the 2013 Grace Hopper Conference celebrating women technologists, we saw an opportunity to extend the corporate brand into new territory. We created a unique look and feel—represented in an ad, display space, and other materials—that was both bold and brand compliant, reinforcing their image as a leader in both innovation and gender diversity.

For this expo, Thomson Reuters wanted an interactive way to show how their solutions have impacted the world in a positive way. Building on the “Knowledge in Motion” theme we developed for their Global Talent Campaign, we created an iPad-friendly mobile website that plays like a presentation, bringing Thomson Reuters innovation to life through three engaging stories. The interactive, self-paced presentation ran live from the Internet on six iPads installed in a kiosk at the booth.

Grace Hopper Conference
Grace Hopper Conference
Grace Hopper Conference Banners