April 2020 Calendar

Uplifting winds

With a nod to April showers, this month's calendar features an array of paper parasols being lifted to new heights!

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March 2020 Calendar

Imagine the possibilities

Our March calendar features a dreamy image of magically floating in the light of an enormous moon. The moonlit visual is appropriate as we will be experiencing 2020's first supermoon on the 9th.

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February 2020 Calendar

The perfect storm

Our February calendar features one of Winter’s prized creations, the snowman. The making of a snowman, like any creative endeavor, takes planning and the right conditions.

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January 2020 Calendar

Promises of a dazzling new year

Snow is diamonds for a faery's feet;
Blithely and bonnily she trips along,
Her lips a-carol with a merry song,
And in her eyes the meaning... Life is sweet!
― Ruby Archer

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October 2019 Calendar

Working together works

October is upon us, and with it comes shorter days and cooler nights. Plants and wildlife are starting to prepare for the winter ahead. Our calendar this month features a few of our favorite players – acorns and squirrels. These two have the ultimate partnership.

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September 2019 Calendar

Dream tonight of peacock tails...

This evocative line, so fitting for our September calendar design, is from the verse, "Dream tonight of peacock tails, / Diamond fields and spouter whales. / Ills are many, blessings few, / But dreams tonight will shelter you." But to whom should we attribute these lines?

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August 2019 Calendar

Toughest nests in town

Nesting birds in late Summer? Yes, and it’s the American Goldfinch featured on our calendar this month. August is peak nesting season for these acrobatic little birds when their preferred nest padding—milkweed’s fluffy down, thistle, other soft plants—is readily available.

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July 2019 Calendar

Brilliantly blue, or is it?

As designers, it's sometimes fun to get nerdy with the science behind the colors we work with every day. Our July calendar features the Hyacinth Macaw, a parrot who’s vibrant blue color you just can’t miss. But are our eyes deceiving us?

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June 2019 Calendar

Swimming into Summer

June brings us halfway through the year and halfway through our calendar series. Over the years, we’ve had different themes and fresh layouts to share with you. For 2019 we decided animals would be a fun creative challenge, and this month’s Stingray is no exception.

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May 2019 Calendar

Come what may.

There are few three letter words in the English language whose meaning provokes hope as much as 'may'. Whether you prefer or the Oxford English Dictionary tome, the definition of this little verb, express possibility, allows us to say we see opportunities on the way!

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