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Mar 01

Imagine the possibilities

by Jenny Daughters

March 2020 Calendar

Our March calendar features a dreamy image of magically floating in the light of an enormous moon. The moonlit visual is appropriate as we will be experiencing 2020's first supermoon on the 9th. Although ‘supermoon,' when the moon's orbit is at its closest point to Earth, is not an official astronomical term, it does conjure an image we all can relate to. Coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, even he couldn't have predicted how the term would be embraced. Much like Richard's naming of this lunar event, it is important to consider how we choose to communicate events and information to our audiences. Well considered words and images are powerful tools to bring your brand to life.


With Calendar:

2850x1900 1900x1350 1920x1200 iPad iPhone

Without Calendar:

2850x1900 1900x1350 1920x1200 iPad iPhone apple watch

View our Installation Guide for instructions on how to set this month's artwork as your background wallpaper.